I seriously feel like noone read my post. They just skipped to the middle, saw "I'm going to catch some flak for this" and then assumed the worst. I'm severely discouraged from posting here. I've been here for years and figured this was an opportunity to open a discussion about this topic as adults. All I get is slander and insults. Two posts have been insightful and actually took the discussion to where I thought it was the right way to go. That being a dialogue to approach this sensitive topic and discuss it in a way that all parties can give their views and suggest fantastic solutions to a problem that can't be ignored - much like climate change.

I wonder if this is the right community for me. I believed it was, a meeting of many like minded science-centric people. A safe haven from sister sites of Gawker, and Jezebel where hate mongering seems more acceptable. Maybe I'm wrong.

Should I stay, or should I go? Am I valued or appreciated here as a commenter? I know this is the internet and people are going to disagree with you and be asshats from time to time. To misinterpret what I wrote which in the first sentence clearly states my opinion and gloss over the rest is infuriating. I wonder if any of the Gawker journalists and bloggers get this feeling too. People start arguments or comment on articles without reading them.

I guess I'm wondering if its any use for me to stay here if I'm not welcome by the community at large. Who knows if anyone will even see this. It's just frustrating.