What first drew me into this game was the fact that it was a free to play weekend event coupled with the fact that Steam had it on sale (75% off?) for $1. A 4 pack to get your friends to play was invariably cheap and well worth the cost of one In-n-out burger.

The video is hilarious saying "METACRITIC REVIEW IS WRONG" well it truly is. This game is a blast. Think of it as Left 4 Dead married Halo and the child they conceived happened while watching Jurassic Park.

Did I mention there are jetpacks?

The graphics are great since it's running off of the Unreal Engine. Some of the maps have real time weather changes, and when you ramp up the difficulty you get persistent unlocks for leveling the character class you pick.

Overall, this game is fun and it seems like the developers actively listen to the community and plan on adding a ton more fun content to keep this game not only fresh but thrilling!

Go get it now!